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The history of our law firm dates back to 1992, when our legal predecessor, the Holczer, Jákó and Boross Law Firm, was founded. The members and staff of the office are recognized professionals both in the international and domestic legal markets.

Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal solutions and complex legal support for clients. Our law firm primarily offers innovative, practical and personalized legal services in the fields of civil law, economic law, company law, real estate law, family law, labor law, civil organizations and data protection, as well as in litigation and extrajudicial procedures. We are convinced that a proactive, fast, cooperative attitude and outstanding professionalism earn the recognition and satisfaction of our customers. In addition to Hungarian, our employees are fluent in English and German.

Primarily through our cooperation with independent law firms operating in the Western European region, we provide effective support to our clients in solving their European Union cases.

Our law firm works with independent law firms that meet our professional expectations. In order to support the professional development of future lawyers, we support their university education by hosting interns.

Our goal is to provide strategic problem solving that supports our clients' private and business activities, as well as effective, creative and goal-oriented cooperation.

Areas of expertise:

Civil rights

Our office has outstanding experience in almost all areas of civil law in the traditional sense. Our
colleagues act with up-to-date legal knowledge during the drafting of documents and contracts, real
estate matters, inheritance matters, condominium matters and other legal transactions related to the
field of civil law.

Economic law

Our law firm represents companies on a permanent and ad hoc basis in both economic and corporate
law matters. Establishment, modification, buyout of companies, review and editing of stock
transactions, contracts, complex handling of legal transactions, claims management.

Family law

The employees of our law office are recognized lawyers in the field of family law. Our office’s
services include out-of-court negotiations, divorce lawsuits, child custody lawsuits, maintenance
lawsuits, and property law lawsuits. Our employees also have significant experience in drafting
property law agreements.

Representation of civil and non-profit organizations

Our employees regularly contribute to the legal tasks arising during the establishment, operation, and,
where appropriate, termination of various civil and non-profit organizations, and provide a wide range
of support for the operation of foundations and associations.

Litigation proceedings

Our employees have decades of experience in conducting litigation in civil litigation, labor and
administrative litigation, as well as in arbitration proceedings. During our legal proceedings, our work
is assisted by closely related legal experts and tax experts.

Real estate law

Our office has outstanding experience in the complex handling of real estate-related contracts and
company acquisition transactions, from legal due diligence to the drafting of contracts to official
administration. In addition to drafting contracts, we also provide additional services during real estate
transactions (energy, appraiser, real estate consultant)

Labor law

Our office provides legal advice to the companies it represents on labor law issues, including
management and general employment contracts, issues related to labor law liability, and settlement of
legal disputes related to contract termination, as well as providing legal opinions on specific labor law
issues covering all areas of labor law. We represent our clients in labor lawsuits.

Real estate brokerage activity

Real estate brokerage assistance in the sale of residential, industrial and other properties for our customers.

Digital law firm

Arranging your legal matters together online without the need to meet in person.

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